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Prepare Your Luggage

This is a CISS basic list of what you should bring for studying in China. Make sure getting these things with you before boarding the flight.

Miscellaneous Items

These things are essential when you entering into the country:

1. Important documents (passport, visa, itinerary, plane tickets, related health certificate)

2. Photocopy of your passport information pages.  Also leave a copy at home.

3. Travel book & map of the host city

4. International calling card and access numbers for the countries where you will travel.

5. 500-1000 RMB in cash when you first arrive for transport and check-in

6. Money belt

7. Address and phone number of your university admission office

8. Umbrella/Sunglasses


1.Consider both the physical & social climate; dress accordingly.

2.Dark colors do not show dirt as readily

3.Comfort and practicality are the keys for both clothing and shoes

4.Pajamas (2 pair)

Beside the far southern part of the country where is warm all year round, most part of China has four very distinct seasons and the temperature can be range from -10 to 30 centi-degrees annually. Both T-shirt and warm coat might be necessary while you are living in China.


Don't overstock on toiletries because most things are available in major cities in China. Remember to transfer liquids from breakable containers into plastic containers and use tape to seal the lids when traveling or pack them in ziplock bags to separate them from clothing





5.Prescription drugs for the duration of your time abroad (in your carry-on)

6.Extra eyeglasses


Electronic appliances in China operate on 220 voltages. If the voltage standard is different in your country then you will need to purchase a travel voltage converter (or, if the appliance is relatively inexpensive, purchase a new one in the host country). What’s more, Voltage isn't the only thing that varies from country to country.  Electrical wall outlets also differ in shape, assortment and arrangement of holes. To be prepared, make sure you get an adapter set to go with the converter. You can inquire about international voltage converters at an local electronics store.

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